Rolande Ngoun's

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Who is the emerging singer Rolande Ngoun's?

Rolande Ngoun's is a singer/songwriter born in Douala, Cameroon.

She started singing at the age of 10. She joined a Gospel choir in high school in Cameroon. After her A levels, she moved to Germany to attend university to study Information system. Her music style is the Soul Pop.

While pursuing her degree, Rolande never gave up her on dream to become a musician.

From 2018 to 2019 She took singing classes at the Folkwang Musikschule in Essen(Germany) .She also participated to the German Jazz and pop contest at Finsterwal in 2019.

Now she is starting her music career by growing an online fanbase. In 2020 she released two singles wich was welcome by critics. In August 2021, she released the debut single of Her Ep "To Your Soul" which was inspired by the lost of a childhood friend. Her first Ep will soon be available.

Rolande Ngoun's is a Singer and Songwriter, ready to help you through life journey in music.